save before programming

Dear All,

i do C code to program microchip uc on windows and i am a beginner with openmv, linux and stm32.
I virtualized ubuntu, installed repositery and compiled code.

I did the cable between stlink and openmv board, but before starting to reprogram it, i would like to make a save to have the possibility to restart.
Could you give me your point what is the simplest way to do it ?


Hi, the IDE can reload the firmware at any time using DFU. You cannot brick the device. If you need to reflash the system you can git the latest firmware image from the release page on our git hub and then you can use the Tools->Run Bootloader to program the camera using the DFU file.

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As you said, It is not usefull to read the memory because there are many way to reload the the camera :

  • load all through the ide by shunting the boot and rst
  • load the bootloader.elf through stm32cubeprogrammer for example and the firmware through the ide
  • load only the firmware.elf through stm32cubeprogrammer for example (and yes you can still connect it with the IDE)
  • other i did not try.

Loading the firmware.bin file through the IDE uses our bootloader code which is the fastest way to load the system. The same dialog box which you can load the dfu file through also will accept he firmware.bin file.