Overclocking example seems out of date

The overclocking example calls get_frequency() but the current options appear to be:

>>> import cpufreq
>>> cpufreq.
__class__       __name__        set_frequency
get_current_frequencies         get_supported_frequencies
>>> cpufreq.get_current_frequencies()
(216, 216, 54, 108)
>>> cpufreq.get_supported_frequencies()
[120, 144, 168, 192, 216]

Aside from the fact that the example calls a function that no longer exists, I’m not sure how to interpret the results. When get_current_frequencies() returns a tuple of four values, which one is the actual answer?!

Yes the example is outdated, the updated example is here:


It’s still new so it will be included in the next IDE release. This example should explain the values returned by get_current_frequencies as well. Note the module never actually supported overclocking, it just supports lowering the frequency.