OpenMV porting

Hi there, first of all I’d like to advise you that my English is a little rusty. My friend and me are electronic engineer students working on our final thesis at this college: UTN-FRBA (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Regional Buenos Aires). Sorry for putting the name in Spanish, it’s just easier for you if you want to google it.

First we would like to explain you what we are doing and why we are sending you this email. And after that, … well … the questions.

This university, together with another had been successfully working in creating a low cost embedded computer for industrial purposes: CIAA (Computadora Industrial Abierta Argentina). Together with the hardware they have also developed a framework with an embedded OS for deterministic applications (CIAA-Firmware). The purpose: to create a cheap path for small industries in this country to get designs working fast.

Many engineers at universities have been cheeping in with drivers and libraries for this framework. Our task: to add Computer Vision to the framework. This is an open project, and we have proposed the leaders of the project to port OpenMV to it. So, our task would be to port your work and make it part of this national project. Why your work ? Because this system uses an M4 as it primary core, and after analysing several options, yours, seems to us the most generic one in terms of Computer Vision functionalities and it seems very well accomplished.

The license will obviously be respected, and your name together with the name of your project will be in the in all the right places. The universities that work in this project are state universities, and that is because the project has national interest.

Here are some links:

Well, after this comes the questions: we have been porting version 1.2 of OpenMV but we have seeing some things that seem not to be finished, like blob detecting and some functions that are used by higher level code that have the FIXME tag. Now we are looking at 1.4 and we are also seeing that you have been committing things in the past 2 weeks or so.

Would you advise us of what version should we take to port in the most “safe” way (if it can be put like that) ?

Our work should (if god allows it, like we say in this country) end in 2 months from now … so we are like in a tight schedule …

Well, we hope to hear from you soon and to make of this the start of a new and long term friendship.

Version 1.4 is what is stable right now. We’re going to keep updating the code. We have no plans to stop adding new features.

As for saying our code is the most stable out there… :slight_smile: Well, thanks, but, we’ve only just started implementing cool stuff. There’s much more to do in the future.

Anyway, use version 1.4…

My level of English is not very good, sorry. I’m sebastian Bedin’s partner from @lgranade.
Finally we concluded our porting of the library (and our thesis) !. Our work has a 100% porting of the OpenMV image processing library on the x86 and CM4 architectures for the CIAA-NXP and EDU-CIAA-NXP boards.
Before we do the integration, we would like to talk about licensing.
The CIAA project has a modified BSD license (in this link you can read it: proyecto:licencia_ciaa [])
We understand that there are no restrictions to combine the two projects.
The files (or parts of the code) maintain their authorship but change the MIT license by BSD. I am not really a licensing expert and any comments or advice on this subject will be very useful.
If you want to see our work we can send you the link of the repository.
Thank you.

Cool, it’s… interesting that you thought so much of our code to use it over OpenCV.

Anyway, if you look at some of the files in our library you’ll notice features like AprilTags, etc. are GNU licensed. Since we release the source for everything it’s not an issue for us. But, keep in mind different parts of our code have different license restrictions. Anyway, as long as you are releasing the source I don’t think you’ll have any issues.