OpenMV on ESP8266/ESP32


I just saw this video and wondered about how to do so. Are there any wiring diagrams for an ESP and (e.g.) an OV7670 module in order to use the OpenMV IDE/Libary? What do I need to change in the source code?


Hi, that video just shows how OpenMV IDE can talk to any micropython board over a REPL terminal. There is no way as of right now to use OpenMV code with an ESP32.

Thank you for the fast response. Is there another way to get a kind of a ‘lite’ version of OpenMV for just detection the size and ID of an apriltag? I don’t have neither the space, the power to supply more modules nor do I need more functions in order to complete my project.


The AprilTag code is in this file:

You can port it if you want…

It depends on a ton of stuff in our code library though. Note that the EPS floating point performance is 7X worse than the OpenMV Cam. ESP32 floating-point performance. On this last day before the Christmas… | by Andreas Schweizer | Classy Code Blog

So, expect a frame rate of about 1 FPS or less.

In the future, we plan to make our library portable. Mainly so we can get more community coding support.

That sounds great! Do you already know when your system will be portable?

Um, for our upcoming STM32H7 launch we need to performance test on the Raspberry PI zero. So, maybe by May/June. Once we get the library in portable state it will run on any machine.

Great news! I think until then I can wait :mrgreen: