Nicla Vision board Bricked Issue ( red led 14 second blink )

I’ve tried to ST MCU that is H747 chip. ( I like ST chip programming )
and there is ST-link pad. so I soldered them.
at First time, ST-link was well-connected and it was factory state (right after unpackage)

here is the problem.
I did chip Full-Erase (i don’t know why) and I been busy after few weeks, after few weeks I try connect debugger st-link to chip (every HW state was maintained from the start this thing)

and It was NEVER Detected in st-link Debugger…

can It PMIC not working after Chip Full-Erase ?

You should be able to recover the Arduino DFU bootloader, with stlink, and yes the bootloader programs the PMIC to work correctly, but I think its default settings should work too, otherwise how could they program the chip in the factory. I think the bootloader for Nicla Vision is the sketch that uploads the bootloader (it’s a C array, that you’ll need to write to .bin maybe using xxd), you should try to flash it, if it doesn’t work you should contact Arduino there’s not much we can do for you.

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