Mount SD Card

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I am new using the OpenMV CAM. I had tried to connect to the OpenMV CAM with the SD card installed, however, the OpenMV IDE is not able to connect to it. If I remove the card, everything works. How do I mount the SD card? I am using one of the sample programs (

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Can you try to format the SD card as a fat 32 volume? The firmware is not really robust just yet so it likely crashes when something is wrong.

I have 64GB SD card. I tried to format on my computer (windows 7), however, I do not have the option for FAT32.

Yeah, you have to use another card then. 64 GB cards are sdxc only. Pretty sure no MCUs will support that right now. We support and and sdhc which are less than 32gb in size.

Mmm, now that’s a problem. MCUs don’t support sdxc. Not sure what to do about that. It’s a hardware limitation too. Then stm32 micro and new m7 coming out both are limited to sdhc.