lepton bag files

is there any way if recording the lepton as a bag files with all the temperature information aswell as the imagery? :smiley:

if not I have found my new project idea :laughing:

In ROS? No.

We need to create a ROS driver for the interface library. Please build something around the RPC library using that for data I/O from the camera to the PC. Then make a ROS node that can just publish the data for other nodes to record.

is there anyway if resizing a image as I’m struggle to see anything in the documentation as I would like to resize VGA to QQVGA on the fly

Yes!!! We just added the new draw image pipeline. I’m working on the docs and they will be out tonight. I’ll drop you a link to the new method. We now have opencv level scaling support.


Just alloc a new frame buffer and then use draw iamge with area scaling to reduce the resolution.

There’s also a resize() method. However, this doesn’t use the new scaling pipeline yet.