Latest version of MT9V0xx datasheet

Hello! When I was reading the source code, I found that the MT9V0XX’s CFA ID register is 0x6B. But when I read the datasheet downloading from onsemi official website, 0x6B is a reserved register. Is my datasheet out of date? Where can I find the latest version?

Yeah, it doesn’t say it in the register doc. It says it in one of the datasheets I found online in the giant text blocks. It was quite hard to track down the first time. I’m not sure which datasheet has that value. But, in the actual datasheet for one of the MT9V0XX cameras it will say 0x6B tells you if the camera has a CFA or not.

Note, the code indeed does work too. We built some Bayer MT9V034 camera modules. However, we aren’t selling them since they require too much CPU to use. You have to debayer the image all rull res before downsampling the image.

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