Kickstarter cams arent working with latest IDE [Ubuntu 16.04]

Reposting here because it looks like the github issues are not monitored.

Full description, including syslog & lsusb dumps available at the github: Kickstarter cams arent working with latest IDE [Ubuntu 16.04] · Issue #153 · openmv/openmv · GitHub

I should note it takes about 10 seconds for my system to finish enumeration of the openMV boards (and for the uSD to mount) - perhaps the software is timing out because it triggers a reset but isnt waiting long enough for the devices to re-enumerate?

I replied to your github issue, will reply again here:

The bootloader waits for like ~500ms then jumps to main app, so yeah 10 seconds is a lot…the uSD is irrelevant because the bootloader runs before any fs is mounted.
I noticed a modem manager trying to do something with ttyACM1 (not sure if that’s the cam’s port), could you try to disable this service anyway and try the bootloader again ? if that doesn’t work, DFU should fix it.

There is a way to setup udev rules to tell modem manager not to look at your device:

In particular, ID_MM_DEVICE_IGNORE