Issue running RGB565 on H7

I swear I had color object tracking when I first worked with my H7 board around a year ago. Recently I tried to implement a color tracking project and I cannot run any color tracking examples, nor can I simply put the camera into RGB565 (or bayer). Only grayscale works.

This is the error I get:

This is my configuration:
Board: H7
Sensor: MT9VOX2
Firmware Version: 4.3.3 - [ latest ]

Am I missing something or is my hardware malfunctioning?


FYI… I tried the 4.4.1 firmware from another active post and no dice. Still getting the “Sensor control failed.” error.

I’m an idiot. Had my global shutter camera module on. Sorry for making noise!

…and thanks for making such a dang cool product!

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We can probably make that error more descriptive.

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