Is it possible to format internal disk or remove in DFU mode?

Hi, I’m trying to make openMV a full HID device to avoid confusion on the user’s side, so in the end there will be no VCP or HID.

At this moment I did pyb.usb_mode(‘VCP+HID’) in And I can use the IDE, and I know I can use the terminal to remove the file. If I move further and disable the VCP interface, will it be possible to erase the internal disk anymore? My initial idea is to use the dfu-util to erase the disk part. Is it possible? If so, which address should I use to do so?


There’s no single answer that fits all, it depends on the flash FS that’s used, on OpenMV boards without external SPI flash yes but only if you put the board in DFU manually, and then overwrite the filesystem page, on Portenta yes (the Arduino bootloader is DFU), on OpenMV boards with external SPI flash no.

Thanks! It seems the H7 and M7 don’t have SPI flash. I’ll take a look at the detail of filesystem page.