IDE Not Responding

I recently installed the (slightly) updated bootloader that includes image capture and playback scripts (mentioned in this thread).

When I try to use the camera that that bootloader is installed on, on a separate instance of the IDE, the IDE fails to respond (it sits and spins).

The updated bootloader was installed on a Windows machine (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, IDE Version 2.5.0)

The second instance of the IDE, the non-functioning version is on OSX. I have reinstalled the latest IDE version but haven’t been able to fix the issue, yet.

Hi, the file given to you was a new firmware image. Not a bootloader. I have to make that distinction because there’s also a bootloader on the camera that installs the firmware.

Anyway, was the firmware successful updated? If not, just downgrade the firmware back to what’s currently released.

I have two cameras and it’s currently unresponsive with both (one has the newer firmware and the other has the “old” firmware).
I’m guessing that it has nothing to do with the firmware. I haven’t rebooted my system yet but I’ll try that first.

Yes. A reboot did it … but this isn’t the first time that weirdness has happened on OSX.
What information can I help get for you if something like this happens again?

Wait for the next IDE and give me feedback.

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