IDE install failed Win10 on Surface ProX

Hi, The IDE installed perfectly on two of three Win10 boxes. It failed to install on a new Surface ProX with Win 10. It fails at 66% driver installation “…ftdi.cmd”. I tried turning off Win Defender firewall and virus with no affect. Windows 10 Home v.20H2. Any suggestions?

Looking at I see that this device has “Microsoft SQ® 1 and new Microsoft SQ® 2 processors powered by Qualcomm,” not a standard x86-compatible chip like from Intel or AMD. The failure is while attempting to install the FTDI (usb-serial chip) driver which, being a low-level thing probably can’t deal with such different underlying hardware.

I would guess that you’d be able to use the IDE as a bare editor, but not communicate with the OpenMV device directly.

Thanks. That is exactly what I was afraid of. Dang it. $800 for this effing thing.
But if this is the problem I would have expected many people to have hit it, and I couldn’t find anything about ftdi issues on MS forums. And of course I couldn’t get anyone at MS on the phone. I will push their tech support harder on Monday and post what I learn. Thanks!!

…yep. Found a forum where others are battling the Mothership. I will try to get them on the phone on Monday to get the latest because these people appear to be still having trouble. Surface Pro X USB-C to RS232 issues - Microsoft Community

Just ignore the failure and try to install the FTDI drivers yourself. There’s probably a way. I don’t know how to help you however.

Got it working! It took MS a year to write a virtual com port driver that runs on a Qualcomm, but they finally did it! Thanks, All! For anyone else with a ProX, hit MS Tech Support at 800.642.7676.