How to configure the DFSDM Filter 0 DMA/IRQ for a customized board using STM32F765

Dear Sirs,

I have a customized board using STM32F765 with a microphone (MP34DT06JTR), where PD10 and PE7 were adopted for PDM_CLK and PDM_Data.

May I ask how to modify code below so that I can use the microphone in OPENMV IDE.


py_audio.c , line 289
hdma_filter[0].Init.Request = AUDIO_DFSDM_FLT0_DMA_REQUEST;

Thank you,

By the way, I got the security key already for the customized board. I was able to get the board up and running using OPENMV3 firmware except the microphone. I tried to modify the code of STM32H7 for STM32F7,not successful, however.

Hi, we don’t offer support for helping you with this.

I understand, Thank you,