Hough Tranform OpenMV h7 as analogue screen scraper

I want to use my H7 as a screen scraper for an analogue gauge. My logic is to use find_circle to get the pivot point, and use find_line_segments to isolate the gauge hands. Can I somehow use:

length = 30, Magnitude = 28, (these and others are returned to serial terminal.)

in the following find_lines_segment for loop?

for l in img.find_line_segments(merge_distance = 0, max_theta_diff = 5):
img.draw_line(l.line(), color = (255, 0, 0))

This guy is doing something similar but using openCV.

Any pointers, or links would be much appreciated
Thanks in Advance

Yes, you can do this. Sorry for the late response, was moving.

Do you have a question on an issue in particular?