H7 plus and WiFi shield power consumption

The H7 plus power consumption is 240mA @ 3.3V (Active - μSD Card) and the WiFi Shield (Active) is 100 mA @ 3.3V (220 mA w/ Cam) and I’m trying to determine the max power draw of the H7 plus with the Wifi Shield. Would that be 240 + 220 for 460mA at 3.3V?

Also, is it possible to turn the WiFi shield off programmatically so that it has no power draw, and just turn it on via code when it’s required?

The system won’t draw that much. It will be more like 300 mA.

Yes, you can turn off the wifi shield by pulling the reset GPIO pin low. Then you just need to reinit the shield when you want to renable wifi.

Awesome. I assume that can all be done via code so I won’t have to interact with it. That’s a great power draw, thanks!