GPS data to OpenMV H7

Hi everyone. I wonder if it is possible for Open MV 7H connected to Pixhawk 2.4.8 (via serial4) to receive actual GPS data? My M7 GPS Module is connected via GPS and I2C. If it is possible, how could I provide it?

Hi, I can’t provide any help or support on how to wire up the Pixhawk. This is not our product. However, we have a serial port and I2C master/slave support on the OpenMV Cam H7.

It sounds like you have the H7 sending data to the Pixhawk. This uses the H7’s serial port up. How is the GPS connected? Via I2C? If so, there’s a second I2C bus on P7/P8 you can use.

Thank you. At this monent my H7 is connectes to Pixhawk’s Serial4. GPS is connected to GPS + I2C. But nothing stops me from connecting OpenMW straight to GPS Module if it works. But I dont know how I can perform that and how recieving data from GPS script looks like

Yeah, I have no idea. You’d need to look at the machine.I2C class and go from there. You’re asking a very general-purpose question about Microcontroller coms. This isn’t specific to our board and would be generally hard on an Arduino unless a library exists to do the comms.

If you want to get this working you need to go into the GPS datasheet, figure out how to talk to it via I2C, and then start to work through the interface details.