FYI: How to build tensorflow-lib (libtf.a) for yourself

Just putting this out here, because the building instructions on the github page did not work for me, yet this did.


  • Ubuntu 18.04, 32-bit
    • I tried 20.04, but the “GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain” ppa does not support it.
    • I got very strange compilation errors on Ubuntu 18.04 64-bit, but I think it could be because I built it with python 3 instead of python 2.
  • also make, curl, g++, git

After installing these, follow the instructions on the github page (and run ./ twice).

We will be updating the lib soon. Just gotta focus on IDE updates.

Cool, what will be in the update? I’m working on implementing the tflite_detection_postprocess op registration.

Edge Impulse has bounding box detection. So, we will have the ability to run models with that.