Floor detection Help!

As a new user to the OpenMV cam H7 I am in need of some help.

I used Roborealm in the past, which had a plugin called Floor-Finder (see here: Floor Finder). I wonder if this is possible to do with the OpenMV cam. I saw some examples for floor detection, but somehow, none of them output a value to tell my robot where to go.
The way it works with Roborealm is that you specify an area in the screen (red rectangle or square) and within that area the highest point of clear floor is exported as coordinates (x,y). so i can send the robot left or right to get that area in the middle of the image and then walk forward.

The example that i found whas this one: http://forums.openmv.io/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=276&p=2815&hilit=obstacle+avoidance

but this doesn’t give me the option to only search for floor in the middle and i have no clue how to get the highest point or the coordinates.

Any help would be welcome.

Yeah, so, this is basically a flood fill. Please use the flood fill method and keep modifying the parameters until the floor area is all painted as you want.

Then once that works well use the find_blobs() method on the flood filled color per slice of the image (you can define slices to be rectangular columns of pixels in the image).

Finally, sort the returned slices blobs by the highest pixel detected and that’s the path to follow.

Um, so, this is a 3 step process. Start with getting flood fill working and then the rest is easy. I can walk you through it.