ESP Now Support

I see in the documentation that the camera should support ESPNow (I am using the RT1062), however “import espnow” fails saying “no module named espnow”. Is there an additional installation required?

We have never supported espnow.

Got it. I didn’t see it in the library list, so guessing this came from the standard micro python documentation set. ESPNow does come up with a search in your docs. espnow — support for the ESP-NOW wireless protocol — MicroPython 1.22 documentation

Is there any plans to support this protocol in the future?

Ah, sorry, it appears that even though that page was removed from the index that it got included in the documentation.

No, that’s meant to work on an ESP32 and ESP8266. It’s not compatible with the CY4343 WiFi module we use.

New camera in hand! Looking back at my previous board I do recall accidentally reversing some connections during soldering, notably ground and 3.3V, so distinctly possible I messed something up.

With the same code pushed to the new camera I am getting strange lines appearing on screen. Is this something you’ve seen in some devices before? I have updated to the latest firmware. The horizontal lines change ever frame but there is always distortion. Appreciate any help troubleshooting.

Please send an email or ask in the forum. Don’t do both. It’s preferred to ask on the forums.

Which camera is this? The global shutter? We pushed a firmware fixed a while back before the RT1062 launched. It shouldn’t have these issues. However, it has more like noise than the H7 Plus. Can you raise the exposure? If you set it really low on the RT1062 this happens. It’s because there’s more voltage regulator noise than the H7. Unfortunately, it can’t be fixed if you use a low exposure with the RT1062. On the H7 Plus this issue doesn’t happen.

Can you use the OV5640 instead? The image quality should be fine. Also, if you set the readout window small you’ll get a very high fps. Let me know how I can help you resolve this.

Yes using the global shutter. I am not sure what happened but after swapping back to the OV5640 and then back again to the global shutter it does not appear to be happening any more. Even up to 200 ms (200k microsecond) exposure is working fine now. Not sure why this fixed itself.

Probably the connection was loose or something.

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