DeltaXRobot vision

Hi Everyone,

I am new to robotics and not programmed for a while. For my first project I decided to buy a DeltaX2 pick and place robot from

Similar to uArm, I want to give vision to DeltaX2 and hoping a H7 Plus can communicate the x and y coordinates of object so DeltaX can pick and place.

Can you give me some pointers?

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Hi, we must have missed this post, sorry for the late reply… Yes it’s possible to send coordinates, have you tried anything yet ? If you need help with something let us know and please post your code.


Sorry for my late response, I was waiting for the robot to arrive.

DeltaX can be controlled by Python (I’m using Visual Studio Code) to control. It appears to use Gcodes command. Here is a simple code just to move the head:

#Windows OS
#install: pip install pyserial
import serial
import time
ser = serial.Serial('COM7',115200, timeout = 1)  # open serial port
gcodes = []
gcodes.append('G01 Z-320')
gcodes.append('G01 X-100')
gcodes.append('G01 Z-350')
gcodes.append('G01 Z-320')
gcodes.append('G01 X100')
gcodes.append('G01 Z-350')
gcodes.append('G01 Z-320')
gcodes.append('G01 X100 Y100')
gcodes.append('G01 Z-350')
gcodes.append('G01 X-100 Y-100 Z-320')
gcodes.append('G01 Z-350')
for gcode in gcodes:
    gcodeLine = gcode + '\n'
    while 1:
        response = ser.readline()
        if (response.find('Ok'.encode()) > -1):

My initial project’s aim is to pick up all the Tic Tac mints scattered and place them in a cup. Currently, I am connecting H7 Plus to the pc using USB cable and example codes such as Blob_tracking and find_Circle appear to work.

However, I haven’t managed to transferred the data to VS Code.

A few questions I have not managed to find the answers to:

  1. Do I have to use OpenMV IDE to access the H7 plus? Can I modify your example codes to work in Visual Studio Code python?

  2. If I have to use OpenMV IDE, I need to transfer/print the blob X Y coordinates of each Tic Tac to a PC and the using VS Code Python to read the data. You have mentioned in the forum that the port needs to be closed. How? Can you share a short codes: OpenMV IDE and VS Code that demo this behaviour?

3, Other suggestions?

Thank you for you time.

You can program the OpenMV Cam using REPL, so, if you can script up Visual Studio to send python scripts over REPL then that is all you need. Here’s a script that can command and control an OpenMV Cam: micropython/ at bea4a37fcc82eb2be64ed2cde61866faba50e8c4 · openmv/micropython · GitHub