Database in OpenMV

Can we add our own library in IDE or is there any inbuilt database

Um, are you looking to add stuff to the general next gen release of OpenMV IDE, or just for one machine, or for a bunch of machines? Let me know ASAP since Iā€™m preparing the next release and can add a new feature. Please tell me the use case and etc. Details.

like in Normal python we can install third party libraries,in the same way I want to import a library like a database library mysql or tinyDB
so if this feature will be available in the camera it will be very helpful to go more into this

Um, so, do you need a database for python on the OpenMV Cam or a way to install third party libraries using OpenMV IDE.

As for a database on python I think MicroPython added this:btree ā€“ simple BTree database ā€” MicroPython 1.9.2 documentation

The next OpenMV Cam release includes this new feature.

Thank you