Connection Lost and Access Denied

Hi to all,

I am trying OpenMV H7 camera for the first time with the “” and “” example. When I click the run button in the IDE, the camera starts recording for some seconds, afterward, it stops, program also stops, and IDE shows the connection is lost. Connect button over “run” button looks like camera is not even connected. Also, sometimes I get:“OSError: Access denied due to prohibited access or directory full” error. What’s the main problem here?

It’s because you deep sleep the camera. That kills USB on the camera and disconnects the IDE.

Remove the SD card from your camera to get back control if you wrote that script to disk.

Hi, please use an SD card, the internal flash is very small (around 100KBs).

EDIT: And yes deepsleep will shutdown the camera for 10 seconds (in this case) and then it will reset.