Checking if USB_VCP is still bugged

Hi, I read a few forums that mention that there is a bug with the USB_VCP. The forums are a few years old so just wanted to check if the VCP is still bugged… I tried using it a few weeks ago but had trouble so I switched to UART rather. UART is working well but I need to buy a few more converters (have a bunch of cameras that need to send pixel location data to a base computer). Is the USB_VCP still bugged?

That just has to do with the RPC library.

USB VCP works fine.

It’s just the RPC library kinda works based on short timeouts and USB… well, violates those. So, the RPC library doesn’t really work that well when talking to a PC versus to another MCU over CAN/I2C/SPI/UART.

Anyway, if you are just using USB VCP without the RPC library it’s fine.