Changing Behavior of Lepton 3.5 with Firmware


I was trying to change some behaviors of my Lepton 3.5 sensor via firmware. First, I’ve found this:

I’ve cloned it and built it with making some changes on its C headers and also in C scripts. Then, with using PTmini (PureThermal Mini - FLIR Lepton Smart I/O Module – GroupGets), I’ve switched it to DFU mode and uploaded my modified firmware to my sensor:

dfu-util -a 0 -D main.bin -s 0x08000000

Everything looked fine and I got no errors at all. However, I could not success on changing any behavior. My question is this: How can I change the behaviors of this device with manipulating the firmware?

My only option while doing this is manipulating the firmware. Thanks a lot in advance!

This seems to be the firmware for Pure Thermal board, not our board, not our firmware not our problem.

Edit: Reopened your post maybe someone else can help.