Change of MCU

Hello everybody. I want to know why the new version of openMV has a downgrade of MCU, changing a STM32F429 to a 407, like in the first version of the board.

No we’re using the STM32F427.

Ok, I say that because this pdf say it:
I want to make my own testing board, what is the exactly MCU that are using?

Sorry about that, the 407 and 427 are pin compatible so the same footprint was used. We are indeed using the STM32F427.

Sorry for all this, too many questions, but can i know why use a 427 instead of a 429? Price?
I’m Interested fully about this projects since I read it on hackaday page

The only difference between the 427 and the 429 is the LCD controller, which we don’t need. At some point I made a camera with an STM32F429 and SDRAM, which was never produced I just kept it for reference.

The eagle files naming is confusing, I’ll rename them later to OpenMV1 (407 we made a few prototypes) OpenMV2 (This is the KS cam, using 427) and OpenMV-SDR (429+SDRAM)

Thank you for your patience! It’s good to have talked with you.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Where in github is it?

Hi, we moved the design files here:

Hello, do you have the hex file or the compiled file for this?

Do you mean the firmware ? No we never actually released any camera with SDR so we don’t support it, the design files are there for reference.

Ohh. I thought you did initial testing for V2 on this board…

Hello, I have ordered 3pcs H7, but may take a while to arrive and nothing to play with. In the meantime, do you share codes and/or hex files of OpenMV-SDR (429+SDRAM) that I can burn and program into the board right away and test?

The OpenMV Cam SDR was abandoned due to system cost.

Yes the firmware for that is long gone and none of the current features existed back then, plus your pin-out will probably be different. You can still find the old SDRAM driver in the source code if it helps.