Building an autonomous driving car with OpenMV H7

Hello everyone!
I am planning on building an autonomous driving car for my bachelors thesis. The goal of my thesis is to detect lanes and drive accordingly and when that task is up and running I want to integrate some sort of obstacle avoidance.

For the hardware I was planning on using the OpenMV h7. For the car itself I was going to use a LEGO Mindstorms plattform with an raspberry pi support, but BrickPi isnt available in Germany right now.
The current idea is to use a GoPiGo with an Raspberry Pi 3B+ instead. Sadly the GoPiGo is also very hard to get, but I am trying to figure out the best solution for the availability and my project.

Any tips or experiences is very much welcome!

Please ask a specific question. It’s hard to help explain how to do a whole project.

Good luck!

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There’s a couple of autonomous cars projects here you may find useful or use as a starting point:

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