Bread tags print inspection

I need help to create a program able to confirm if we have a print or not on a bread tag. We not try to identify what is printed, simply if a print is present. Plastic bread clips are static on a track where the very accurately stop for 300 ms before get install on the bags. If anyone welling to jump on this project I will be more than happy to pay for working program.

Just use find_line_segments() and count the number of segments found. If its too low then the tag likely doesn’t have any printed data on it.

@Nicolas I made a lot of installations for this excactly purpose.
I prefer pixel or blob count on such projects.
300ms is slow enough you will not have problem.
You must trigger the camera when the tag stops.
Then light up an external light preferably a dome one.
Then according to your result of the tool fire up some outputs(alarm,rejections)

I suggest global shutter module.
A large lens so all the tag will be in the picture.

How much you charge me to send me a program with all hardware

I like the idea, but i can’t make it work, do you have program exemple?