Best way to define a perimeter for a driving bot?


I plan to build a driving bot that is supposed to navigate parts of my garden. Think of an automated lawn mower, and you won’t be far off.

My question is, if OpenMV would provide a way to define a perimeter for my bot such as you would with the perimeter wire with the conventional lawn mower bot?

The best option I can think would be using April tags. Would it be possible to get a rover to drive in the direction of a tag until it reached a certain range, turn in a certain way once it got there and then drive to the next? Would it also be possible to instruct the rover not to go beyond (behind) the tags?

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AprilTags would offer the easiest way.

However, it would make more sense to just use a high precision GPS system to do this. Think an RTK GPS. It will work really well and be much better than vision. To do this with AprilTags you’d need to be able to see them from the entire length of the field so that you could like see at least 3 at once to locate yourself in the area. This is not that easy for the OpenMV Cam to do since we are resolution limited.


Thank you for your answer.

The thing is, I don’t really need the bot to know where it is as such. I just want it to move around at random inside the perimeter, to not go outside and to be able to find it’s way home to the charging station. I suppose it could go from one tag to the next until it got there. Would that work?

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Oh, yeah, in that case if the tags are all over the perimeter fine. You can detect the distance to them easily do when you find yourself getting close to any you drive away.