Analysis of Lines in the Test Kit

I want to detect the number and position of lines on the test kit. Depending on the number and position of the lines, the result will either be “positive,” “negative,” or “invalid.” How can I implement this scenario with OpenMV?

what is this test kit? do you have any image of it?

The line formed at the level of the letter C is positive.
The line formed at the levels of both C and T is negative.
The line formed at the level of the letter T will be considered invalid.
If no line appears, the test is invalid.

Blob detection with the camera for the specific color will be the way to do this.

Thank you very much for your help first of all.
With the following code, I can only capture a single match in the test kit. However, there are six lines(templates) in the frame. What kind of loop should I use to mark all six of them?

Run template matching

while True:
img = sensor.snapshot()
r = img.find_template(
template, 0.60, step=2, search=SEARCH_EX
) # , roi=(10, 0, 60, 60))
if r:


dear friend i would use first blob detection also.
it seems that your camera is out of focus too…