ADC and DAC between two cams

Hi Guys,

I use two camera’s to precisely measure the width of passing object. ( Camera are 170mm wide place and the object, a per sheet must 170mm+/- 1 )

Using Find line both camera’s find the side of the object in the frame 256pixels width and 8 high
My idea is use DAC.WRITE for the ‘Slave’ cam to pass Line.X1 to the master using ADC.READ
Then calculate the wide…
But I wonder if this is the best approach?
Any help appreciated

This will be noisy. Just use the RPC library. See the remote control examples in the IDE.

Right now you need two I/O pins. One for RX and one for TX.

At some point I will update the RPC library to work over 1 half duplex RX/TX pin.

Anyway, look at the RPC examples for two OpenMV Cams sharing image data buffers.

What you want to do is for the master camera to put the slave one I into streaming mode and then have a callback that receives the length.

Finally, you can implement your current buisness logic in the loop_callback() handler of the RPC library.