FOV and lens question

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FOV and lens question

Postby psih » Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:50 am

Can't understand, how the 115° FOV was get with standard lens (2.8mm? and 1/4" sensor)
Also 185° with 1.7mm lens.
These values looks like true only for 1/2.5", but OV77725 is 1/4".
On my OpenMV Cam i get something looking like 60° of horizontal FOV with stock lens
and about 90° with widerange lens I have. (1.8mm 1/2.5")

Markings of cam:
OpenMV3 R2 US-MF-002 OV7725-M7 05/20/2017

Does somebody tried 1.7mm lens from openmv site?
Or, maybe, could explain me, if I am wrong somewhere.
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Re: FOV and lens question

Postby kwagyeman » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:06 am

Hi, the 115 degree is what was quoted by the lens provider. Yeah, I agree its likely less given what I see. I guess I can work the math to get the real FoV for our given setup. The 1.7mm lens does provide a much wider field of view than the default one. Anyway, the info on the website is just the quoted FoV from the lens spec.

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