Depth Sensing feature/camera support

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Depth Sensing feature/camera support

Postby » Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:06 am

Hi ,
Your product is simply amazing , is there any way that you will be proving addon for "depth sense camera" (or) do i have any provision to add it externally (if so , how to do it)

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Depth Sensing feature/camera support

Postby kwagyeman » Fri Jul 26, 2019 2:39 pm

SingTown looked at doing this. We've also looked at it too.

Power consumption and cost sink the idea each time however. Doing 3D ToF just requires like 10Watts or more of light power and then lots of expensive parts to work. It doesn't make sense to build at a low cost point right now.

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